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Cuba Weddings

So you have both decided that you wish to spend the rest of your lives together, you want to exchange your vows somewhere special, somewhere you will remember your special day for the rest of your lives. You cannot guarantee the weather for your big day in the UK so have decided to look further afield.

So why not choose one of the most beautiful and unspoilt Islands in the Caribbean, Cuba. With it’s white sands and translucent turquoise seas, salsa music and welcoming friendly local people, this will truly be a Wedding to remember and what is more, you do not have to leave the family at home, weighing up the costs, it is far better value to Marry in Cuba than most other destinations and what most would pay for their special day in the UK, you will be able to have two weeks of glorious sunshine in Cuba!

CUBA is one of the easiest countries abroad to be Married in requiring the least documentation* and no blood tests unlike other destinations abroad.

*(subject to prior marital status)

The in resort Wedding Co-ordinators will make sure that you have everything that you need before the day, you will be able to choose your Dream Wedding Venue yourselves, whether it be on the Beach, A beautiful spot you have noticed within the manicured gardens of the Hotel Grounds or in some Hotels, in a Wedding Gazebo usually overlooking the sea, the choice is yours to exchange your vows.


All Wedding Packages include the Marriage Licence and Certificate, Services of a Minister or Judge, the services of an in resort Wedding Co-ordinator, Bride’s Bouquet, Groom’s buttonhole, Wedding Cake and Sparkling Wine to toast the new couple. Individual Hotels also offer some extras included in the price of the Wedding and there are of course, other extras that you can add at extra cost which is payable locally at the Hotels and usually sorted and confirmed with the specific Hotel’s Wedding Co-ordinator shortly after arrival.


Minimum Residency Period prior to Marriage

There must be a minimum of 6 MONTHS before you travel to organise a Wedding in Cuba, this is due to documentation that needs to be completed.

The minimum residency period prior to your marriage in Cuba is 3 working days, this does not include the first day of travel or weekends and Cuban Holidays, so we do recommend that the duration of your stay is 14 nights (21 nights are available also). Mostly we like for you to choose two dates that are preferred by you both, obviously we do endeavour to secure the first date you prefer but sometimes it may not be possible, hence the two dates. Normally just after you have booked the Hotel of your choice and your Wedding Package, you will find out for sure the date of your Wedding approximately 8 weeks after booking, except for at the Playa Pesquero Hotel whereby the Wedding Co-ordinator is a personal friend so we can email through or call the Hotel personally to find out if a date you prefer is available and secure it for you.

Documents Required

You and your partner will both need:

Valid original UK 10 year passport which expires more than 6 months after the date of the return to the UK

If both of you are single – You should submit valid passports as you have to make a declaration in front of the local lawyers who will conduct the Wedding stating that you have not been married before. No other documents are required.

If one of you is divorced, you should submit valid passports PLUS the original divorce certificate (decree absolute). If widowed, you should submit valid passports plus the original death certificate and previous marriage certificate. If widowed or divorced, the documents need to be properly translated into Spanish and legalised at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Cuban Embassy in London.

If you have changed your name then the original deed poll proof of name change will be required. Please note that if you have been divorced and reverted to using your Maiden Name then this counts as a change of name and proof of that change will be required.

If you are adopted, the original adoption certificate is required.

It is recommended that both of you take your original birth certificates with you. Although, there is currently no requirement to legalise and translate birth certificates.

Before You Travel

You must have Spanish translations made of all your documents except your passport, birth certificate and adoption certificate (unless the name on the adoption certificate is different to the name on your passport)

This needs to be done by a translator approved by the Cuban Embassy in London. These transaltions will need to be certified as being true copies of the originals by a Spanish speaking Lawyer. After this has been done, the original documents and the translations must be legalised by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The cost is £28.00 per person (subject to change) per item.

Please send your documents to

Legislation Office, Norfolk House, 437 Silbury Boulevard, Milton Keynes, MK9 2AH. The telephone number of the office is 01908 295111 and the website is

Lastly, the original documents and translations will then need to be legalised at the Cuban Embassy. This costs approximatley £88.00 per document, per person (subject to change). Payments must be paid by Postal Order. Please send your documents to

Embassy of the Republic of Cuba, 167 High Holborn, London, WC1 6PA.

All couples whom marry in Cuba are aslo required to send photocopies of all applicable documents (including Spanish and legalised copies as stated above) to the Weddings Department of the Tour Operator of whom your booking is made through by us. A minimum of 12 weeks before your UK departure otherwise the Hotel reserves the right to alter or withdraw the wedding arrangements.

In addition, some of the Hotels require a questionairre to be completed, this is for your benefit and will ask if you will possibly require any extras etc, if this is required it will be sent to you in a Wedding Pack shortly after you have booked. Once completed you will need to return to the Wedding Department of the Tour Operator we have booked your Wedding through.

For all Hotels, you will need to take both the legalised original documents and the legalised Spanish translations with you when you travel.

Once in Cuba, all your original documentation may be retained by the resort’s local authority. You may therefore wish to obtain certified copies of all your original documentation before you travel. Also you will need to take a photocopy of your birth certificate, passport and adoption certificate (if applicable) as these copies will be kept in resort.

Two Witnesses will be needed for the Marriage Ceremony. These people must NOT be related to either of you and must be willing to supply their home address. If you have decided to get Married without taking witnesses who are not related to either of you, please advise on booking and the Tour Operator will be able to arrange this for you.

All divorced persons marrying in Cuba must pay a public notary charge of 145cuc (subject to change) for an extra protcol required.

Please note that your Marriage Certificate may take up to 8 months to be returned from the Cuban Authorities after your Marriage.